Monday, June 1, 2009

You funded it! You can't un-fund it!

This Interwebjournalblog is for the posting of original content, namely, terrible fanfiction and other writefag pursuits, that originated on 4chan. Specifically, at this point, it is for the posting of one terrible fanfiction in particular.

This is going to be a more permanent home for a writefag story I, Anonymous author of post 9643053(See above), wrote based on an idea I vomited onto 4chan's /co/, to resounding cries of "FUND IT" and "I'd watch this." Later, a drawfag drew character portraits of the grown-up versions of the three nephews, and their allies. Naturally, steps had to be taken. So I began to write a terrible fanfiction, to resounding cries of "Shitsux," "Sage," and "This isn't so bad."

But yeah, a whole Interjournalblogweb for one warmed over Disney fanfiction. As long as I am ready, able, and not sick of it, I'll be supplementing this Blournalnetweb with such written works produced by me.

In b4 I ragequit after two weeks.

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