Sunday, March 3, 2013

D20yl: Required reading

MODERN NOTE: SO I wrote this like years ago and never hit the little button that says "Publish." Oops.


Going back in time a bit, I thought it would be fun to list all the different properties I drew from when writing Ducktales: 20 years later, in case you, the non-existent reader, missed something.


Ducktales - Obviousely. Special mention goes to episodes featuring Gizmoduck, Magica DeSpell, and showing Donald in the Navy.

Saludos Amigos - A fairly surreal movie revolving around three shorts. Done by Disney as a love letter to Brazil during the 40s, apparently so that we could stay political allies. Introduced the character of Jose Carioca.

The Three Caballeros - A really REALLY surreal movie done as another love letter, this time to both Brazil AND Mexico, which introduced Panchito, as well as the concept of Donald, Jose, and Panchito being bros for life.

Darkwing Duck - Once again, obviousely. Specifically, the episodes featuring Gizmoduck, Bushroot, and Steelbeak are probably good ideas as far as flavor is concerned, and that one terrible episode with the mutants that I decided to use in that one chapter.

Talespin - And the trifecta is complete. Look out for episodes featuring the Thembrians. Oh, and just for a fun bit of trivia, Don Rosa (See below) wrote a couple episodes, so check those out too.

Goof Troop - Really, only for the fact that I tried welding it to Super Goof canon (See below).

Disney comics - especially;
*Al Taliaferro: Created the nephews, or at least the first appearance of the nephews in the comics.
*Carl Barks: Who created Scrooge in the first place, and supplied a lot (Most of it really) of his backstory; See specifically, Anything with "Yukon" in the title. Just really fun Donald Duck and Scrooge comics.
*Don Rosa: His run, while much shorter, essentially used the building blocks supplied by Carl, and wove them into a solid grounding of fairly hard canon. Once again, really fun Donald and Scrooge comics. Specific reads: The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck (It should be getting a reprint through Boom! comics soon); the two Three Caballeros stories he did.
*Floyd Gottfredson: Did Mickey Mouse stories. Referenced in passing. I kinda tried to stay away from the mouse, in deference to another fan project that was being done at around the same time (WHICH HAS APPARENTLY FALLEN OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH HELLO ARE YOU OUT THERE?).
*Italian and sundry other European stories: I don't know the specific writers, but the character of PK (Paperinik in Italy and a million other names everywhere else) was created in Europe who apparently have a booming Disney comic industry. There are a few comics in english, but apparently PKNA (PaperiniK New Adventures apparently) is the be-all-end-all of the character if you can find it in English. Also, heads up: There should be a new "team" comic getting imported soon through Boom! comics featuring PK (As well as Super goof).
*Brazilian Ze Carioca comics: Some are good, usually the ones where Jose is still wearing his actual costume. Some are kind of awful, usually the ones where he wears a T-shirt and jeans. I took a few characters from these, some just to calk up some of the cracks and some to drop some bonus references here and there. (Also, sidenote: I think reading the comics featuring Jose as the Green Bat adds a cool layer to his and Louie's relationship in the story.)
*Super-Goof: Relatively minor member of the Disney universe. Goofy's alter-ego, which he attains by eating super-goobers. Fun stories.

Disney Shorts - Especially;
*Cartoons featuring Donald and the boys: In particular, the first one where they come to stay and are unholy terrors. See also, just for fun a funny little cartoon where Donald runs a gas station and the boys are inexplicably aged to teenagers. No real bearing on the story, but it's kinda fun.
*Goofy shorts: Besides being absolutely hilarious, I used the ones where Goofy has a son named "Junior" as a basis for the chapter where I tried melding this, Super Goof, and Goof troop together to questionable results.